15th ICCVS postponed 18-19 May 2021

Dear ICCVS Members,
As your ICCVS President, I was looking forward to hosting you in Phoenix in May for Barrow Neurosurgery Week 2020, a week-long event that brought the ICCVS together with the International Meningioma Society and the BNI Symposium. We put together an outstanding scientific program for the week, as well as a social program that included our classic Grand Canyon Hike.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, travel restrictions, and all of its repercussions, we are officially cancelling Barrow Neurosurgery Week. I want you to have time to cancel whatever plans have already been made. I am interested in rescheduling the week for another time when the pandemic has passed, and foresee two options:

First, we could plan Barrow Neurosurgery Week 2021 for mid-May next year, with an agenda very similar to the one we had planned, including the Grand Canyon hike. This would require that the China ICCVS Meeting planned for 2021 be pushed back one year.

Second, we could plan Barrow Neurosurgery Week 2020 for mid-October. This would fall in the middle of a heavy meeting season, and amongst many other cancelled meetings that will surely be rescheduled around the same time. In addition, it would result in two ICCVS meetings within 7 months.

I would appreciate hearing from you all about your preferences. Thank you, and please stay well during these difficult times.
With best regards,
Michael T. Lawton, MD
Professor & Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery
President & CEO, Barrow Neurological Institute
Chief of Vascular & Skull Base Neurosurgery
The Robert F. Spetzler Endowed Chair in Neurosciences

Barrow Neurological Institute
2910 N. 3rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Clinical Office: 602/406-3489
Academic Office: 602/406-6037
Email: Michael.Lawton@BarrowBrainandSpine.com


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