Articles of ICCVS

  1. General information

1) The name of meeting is International Conference on Cerebrovascular Surgery (ICCVS)

2) Secretariat will be at Department of Neurosurgery,Tohoku University,and assistant secretariat will be Dr.Hirotoshi Sano at Department of Neurosurgery,Sogo Sinkawabashi Hospital(Address:1-15,Shinkawa street, Kawasaki ward, Kawasaki city) .

  1. Purpose and assignments

3) Our main purpose to have this meeting, is to exchange the knowledge of improving surgical techniques of CVD and further exchange with world view.

4) We will hold this meeting every two years to achieve the above goals.

  1. Membership

5) The member must agree to our purpose and he/she must show positive willingness to participate in the meetings.

6) President will decide about the speakers every time.

  1. Board members

7) Executive members: Past Presidents, Emeritus Presidents, Founder members

Committee members:

Faculty members: Each president can determine them with flexibility in selection process.

8) Candidates of Next Presidents should show his/her willingness to be the president and it will be decided by voting at Executive committee meeting.

9) The secretariat is able to employ some secretaries who will be admitted by representative of secretariat.

10) The President will be decided/selected by the active members. The candidate needs to hand in their CV and Recommendation letter from at least one executive member.

11) If the board member will not attend any meeting, they will lose their qualification.

  1. Meeting

12) The executive committee meeting will be held during the congress.

Next president will be decided by voting in the meeting.

All decisions of the Board Meeting shall be made by a majority of the attendees

(Include the letter of proxy)

Chief executive Member has a right to held temporary Executive committee meeting.

13) Minutes will be made by the secretariat. The retiring president will make a report.

Next president will be requested to give presentation while showing a theme.

  1. Account

14) The retiring/immediate past president will perform a statement of accounts at the executive board meeting.

15) The rules can be revised at the executive board meeting.